Sunday, August 21, 2011

58: Something to Look Forward to

Well we can't always look at the dark side right?

Today, my lovely friend Mae had passed the Nursing License Exam. She's officially a professional now. After a take and a re-take she had finally passed. It had been a gruesome fight for her. I'm so proud of my girl friend right now for passing it and for never giving up. You go girl!

Anyway, since she had passed I am hoping against hope that we will be celebrating her victory. We already planned to go out later today which I am looking forward to. I am hoping because last minute cancelation always happen. God knows how I am done with cancellations. Now, I am looking forward for the foodie and for the few clothes that I may buy here and there and of course good companion.

I am also hoping to drag my friends at Terranova and Forever 21.

Hopefully, the Terranova is still on sale because Forever 21 is defo on Sale today.

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