Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2: I got a pocket full of sunshine

hmm... this video is certainly not related to my real entry but I'd like to share this.

this is my favorite part in Easy A. It's just so darn funny because I certainly do the same thing! hahaha!

Anyway, how was your New Year? I'm not really into New Year because the bangs and booms stresses my dogs so I spend my time calming them. Shiesh, they seem to turn to lunatics during New Year. :s

There's nothing really much else to talk about ... aside from I've been wasting my time cooking, watching Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef US, America's Next Top Model. I've been recently much into reality series since I don't have a new season of Merlin and new episode of Castle. The torrent's quite dragging lately.

Oh well that's all. See ya laters alligators!

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