Thursday, January 6, 2011

5: Quality time with my meilleurs copains

1. Actually the meilleurs copain thing was just a french translation that was generated in twitter for the english word, best buddies. haha! So I really don't know if that's right or wrong.

Anyway, today I had a great time with my friends: Katz, Adz, and Raisa. Katz was not able to stay long with us as she needs to get home early and sleep because later that day she'll have to go to work. So in the end, it was just Raisa, Adz, and I.

What I love best with Raisa and Adz is that we just don't hangout for the sake of good-times but to glorify God too. While we were hanging out in the foodcourt, we were able to talk about life, God, and the future. It's nice to have this kind of conversation because we share to each other our different perspective of life. Furthermore, during this time we were able to look deep within ourselves and contemplate the kind of relationship we have with God.

The three of us had been together this past few months. We've been together as we search for work and just hangout. Also, we were able to share what we feel during trying times. We help each other emotionally and spiritually. That way we were able to bond really well. It's a bit saddening that sooner I have to part as I'll be working this monday. Don't get me wrong, I already wanted to start working; it just saddens me a little bit that hanging out with them will be much lesser than what we usually do. 

~ sigh ~ Working might introduce me to a new set of friends but surely, my college friends occupies a special place in my heart. <3

Me (right), Adz, and Raisa hanging out

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