Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18: In Praying, I found Faith

They say that in silence we find serenity. I never thought about it until I found myself in a quiet place. I felt it as I made my way towards our church at around 12:00 PM. I think that's what it's always like when you live in province. The most sound you'd hear during the midday are the faint sounds of cars from the highway, the songs that the birds chipper, and the gentle whistle of the wind.

When I reached our church, I went to the sanctuary. When I got there, it was empty. I was happy that I finally had the place on my own. I can pray without just saying it to myself but saying it loudly, as no one will mind.

To let you know, I like praying. I like it because I always find it comforting afterward. I felt assured of my future. I felt that way because I know someone extraordinary -- my God -- was out there looking after me. When people ask me how I get an assurance from someone that I never see, I'd shrug and say that it's faith. I don't have to see it, because I believe and know that I am taken care of.

When people ask me how I had faith, I'd say that in praying, I found it. Then I feel at peace with everything. Assured and loved.

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