Saturday, January 15, 2011

10: uh-oh ... running out of cash.

Two weeks ago I hanged out with my friends Raisa and Adz. It was also during that time when I gave them my gifts. Instead of just buying random stuff, I thought about giving them something meaningful that would not cost me so much since I am tight on budget. So what I did was to give them a parcel that contained personal letter, flash card of wisdom, and small meaningful totems: dice, and buttons.

But though I have just given them little pieces, I made it meaningful by indicating what each pieces meant. Those meanings that I made were little advices and reminders about their weaknesses.

Since I was being creative, I placed them all in a recyclable envelope, tied them with a string, used a stamp to put up the date and added some stickers as a mail stamp. Looking at the old brown enveloped tied with strings and stamps on the back gave me a classic feeling. I am proud looking at those. In fact, I wanted to keep one for myself. lol!

When I was about to give it to them, I was nervous. I was nervous because they might think that I am being a cheapskate. But when they both read the letter and the meaning of the "totems", they loved it.

You know, next time I think I'll just skip buying gifts that are expensive. I think I'd go for gifts such as these. Because really gifts doesn't have to be costly, all it takes is to have a meaning. :)

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