Sunday, January 23, 2011

21: jealousy inspires me

I have been browsing my favorite links and every time I see their new creative stuffs, it never fails to make me jealous. In particular, while I was browsing Mall's blog, I couldn't help but hope that I can do magical stuffs like hers; make my own designed toys and do murals just like hers. Then while I was scanning, I remembered what our priest said earlier. He mentioned that he also gets jealous by those people who can play the piano. He said that he can't be just jealous and admire them forever, so what he did was to take lessons.

In my case, I also believe the same thing. I cannot be just a spectator forever. I cannot let things pass before my eyes. I may not be as good as Mall or any of my favorite artists but it won't definitely stop me from practicing and be better. I may get jealous and envious but it was never a destruction but rather as an inspiration.

To say, since I was obsessing with handcrafts, arts, and cooking I have been practicing and I know eventually I'll do good. I won't stop until I get there.

just saying. hahaha! :D

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