Saturday, January 22, 2011

20: First Week of Work

I never felt so happy with work before. Not that I have too many experiences but working @HP was definitely the best decision I had. But first I have to be thankful that God was able to help me get through with everything I feared about. Second, I am thankful for the department that I am in, because they are extremely kind enough not to left us out (there are two of us who's new in the team), I think if it's not their kindness I would have dreaded everything.

To say, I was a bit hesitant about working there because the company is not just any other company, it's a multinational - multiBillion dollar company. Of course, the pressure of being the best in providing services is there. I was scared for my own shortcomings. But then with the company and with my department's assurance, I was able to pull things together.

I may be working in an ungodly hours, but I'd say it's all worthy it. In fact, I love everything about it I'll do my best.

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