Saturday, January 15, 2011

12: Movie: Flipped

When I have read this book, I flipped. When I watched it, I flipped again. This is just the cutest most adorable movie I have watched since Easy-A; but hey what I like about this movie is that it has its freshness of what puppy love was.

There’s a bee in her hair… There it goes…
This is where I also learned the "sum of its part". If you want to know what it means just watch it. I wouldn't say more just go watch it, the movie deserves some love (Plus Bryce and Juli is really cute bahahaha).

Bryce and Juli ♥
Some quotes:

"He looked at me with those eyes, those 
once again dazzling eyes, and I knew that Bryce Loski 
was still walking around with my first kiss." 
- Julie Baker

"I’d spent so many years avoiding Juli Baker 
that I’d never really looked at her, 
and now all of a sudden I couldn’t stop.” 
- Bryce Loski ♥

“And as I read down the list of over one hundred 
and fifty eighth-grade boys, I realized that to me, 
there had only ever been one boy. 
To me, there had only been Bryce.”
- Juli Baker ♥

Here watch the trailer:

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