Friday, January 7, 2011

6: Yes, Chef!

As I said, I have been spending time watching cooking reality/shows and one of my favorites is: Hell's Kitchen. What I like about Hell's Kitchen is that I get to see what's happening inside a restaurant and I learn how Chef Gordon runs his men.

Gordon Ramsay has been very famous for being a master chef and, of course, his yelling and cussing of people he works with. Actually, this man doesn't give a ding whom he yells and cuss at. There were few times that he said awful-if not insulting-words to some of his customers. It's amazing how he seem not to care saying awful things to them because he knew that they would not go back for him but for the food that he serves. Plus what makes him the best chef is that he doesn't treat ingredients just like ingredients but he handles them with care and with so much passion.

Don't take it personally ♥
What I like about Gordon, despite his being foul, is his passion towards perfection. In Hell's Kitchen season 1 (1st episode) he said that he likes to push people to their limit, not to break them but to challenge them to give their best. And, he may be that foul but he never takes it personally because he still maintains a good rapport with the contestants even though they were a pain in the rear during their service the night before.

Well since I have been spending time watching cook shows and been spending time watching Gordon Ramsay cook, this inspired me to take a shot at Culinary one day. But for now, since I am tight on budget I'll just keep on practicing and continue fueling my desire about cooking so when I take Culinary I already know the basics; and then kick ass in that class. O-YE!

You, what are the things you want to give a shot?

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